Jim Moyer Circus Club
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(1) The Jim Moyer Circus Club admits students of any sex, race, color, national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities of the club.
(2) Performers must commit to participating in at least one half of the troupe's performance schedule (mostly weekends). Performers must purchase and wear the troupe uniform - gold shirt and spandex black shorts in warm weather, green sweat shirt and pants in cold weather.  These uniforms are sold at cost and are available from the Head Coach.
(3) Parents (or legal guardians) are responsible for transporting their own child to and from practices and performances.  We do not require parents to be present during practices or performances, but your active participation is highly encouraged.  The club staff needs help and your child could use your support and assistance as they learn new skills.  
(4) Participation in the activities of the club will expose participants to the risk of injury, and even death.  The club provides no insurance coverage of any kind for any of our performers, staff or facilities.  Parents (or legal guardians) are responsible for providing all of the proper accident, hospitalization, and medical insurance for each child.   Safety is highly emphasized, but we require parents (or legal guardians) to sign the release forms that give your child your permission to participate in practices and performances.
(5) Unruly behavior of any kind or activities that interfere with the practice and development of the circus skills will not be tolerated and may result in banishment from the gym and/or termination of membership.  Any non-circus activity (inside the gym or outside on school grounds) that could result in personal injury or damage to Key Middle School will also not be tolerated.  These rules also apply to family members and guests of club members who may be present at practices or performances.  It is very important that each person present at practices and performances follow the direction of the Head Coach, the training staff and all supervising parents.

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