Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus
Parade of the Millennium - March 27, 2000


In the Lineup!

Madeline says:
"Yes Tyler (one of the infamous RBBB clowns)... You can ride with us!"


The 3.5 mile Parade of the Millennium! 
(led by the animals... 14 elephants, two zebras and a bunch of horses)
Parents Beth and Dany proudly present our banner...

Dany is really focused. 
Beth... well, she's Beth!

Lisa the Unicycle Lady carefully counsels her kids...

"Stephanie, you go to the right of that elephant pie, 
Laura and Kathy will go to the left of theirs!
Tyler demonstrates amazing skills on the 6' unicycle as he performes the "Figure 8" through obstacles!

A 6' German Gym Wheel covers about 10' each roll.  The parade was 3.5 miles.  Hillary's mom offers one (of her many!) motivating thoughts...

"Good job Hillary... Only 1,848 more rolls to go!"



The Moments After!
Cassie demonstrates a rather unique dismount from her 6' unicycle!

Wake up Hillary... We have to roll back to the beginning now!
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